Womens Wellbeing


Supporting treatments for every life phase of a woman's wellbeing are tailored to your specific needs. Holistic Touch draw on a wide range of therapies making your health and wellbeing our top priority.


Rejuvenate tired muscles and unwind busy minds.  Our traditional massage will help relieve aching muscles and aid relaxation, using a range of traditional massage techniques.

Womens Wellbeing Massage

30 Mins £25  |  50 Mins £35


A deeply relaxing and soothing experience using a selection of hot basalt stones together with pre blended essential oils.  This will encourage detoxification and heal through increasing your bodies lymphatic flow.

Hot Stone Massage

30 Mins £30  |  50 Mins £40


This treatment is a combination of massage and movement therapy that target the fascia.  Fascia is a type of connective tissue that wraps around structures in our bodies. MFR can treat conditions specific to womens health such as, Enclometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Menopause, Menstrual Pain and Scarring from surgery.

Myofascial Release Therapy

30 Mins £30  |  50 Mins £40


Traditional fire cupping therapy is a form of deep tissue massage used for pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation.

Cupping Therapy

30 Mins £35  |  50 Mins £45


After a deep cleanse and exfoliation using Eve Taylor Skin Care, the face, neck and shoulders are massaged. A soothing mask is applied followed by a rehydrating moisturiser.

Well Women Facial

50 Mins £30


This treatment brings amazing relaxation and relief from stress related aches and pains. It's not only an invigorating scalp massage, which stimulates and refreshes the recipient but also includes massaging the face, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Indian Champissage

30 Mins £25


A pressure point massage of the feet which is used to restore the flow of energy to promote relaxation and healing.


40 Mins £30