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Fertility Program

Holistic touch offer a unique program of treatments that can improve your fertility. 

They help the body and mind be clear of obstructions for conception to occur. Women  need to be free of stress and physical restrictions, have a proper flow of blood, energy and hormones. It’s not just about doing the right things, but knowing the right time to do them, and knowing what not to do. We can help you understand your body, so you know how to rehabilitate your fertility back to a viable state. 

Your Fertility Program may include the following:

Menstrual cycle mapping

Treatment plan

Massage therapy

Myofascial release therapy


Diet & Supplementation monitoring and recommendations

Lifestyle recommendations

Support call 


Specialised fertility reflexology techniques are specifically adapted to work for each individual person, and can be used for aiding natural conception and fertility. These techniques can support assisted reproductive techniques IUI, IVF & ICSI Cycles. Also it can be most beneficial in reducing stress levels and associated symptoms of stress.

Fertility Reflexology

Initial Consultation & Treatment

Upto 75 Mins £45

Follow On Review & Treatment

60 Mins £40


This massage focuses on supporting the body and balancing of hormones. One of the greatest benefits of regular massage while trying to conceive is stress reduction and promotion of relaxation.

Fertility Massage

30 Mins £25  |  50 Mins £35



Myofascial Release Therapy for fertility can decrease tissue restrictions in the abdominal area, pelvic floor and surrounding reproductive organs. Removing this tissue around these areas using specific techniques may enable conception and ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible.

MFR For Fertility

30 Mins £30  |  50 Mins £40